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🚨 New Partnership 🚨

We've happy to announce that we've partnered with Moon Rabbit to continue our efforts of expanding community investment across the Metaverse 🤩

For our community, this will provide yet another Metaverse protocol that they can collectively have exposure too, while also providing financial, investment and governance support for the Bunniverse!

To celebrate this partnership we've purchased 5% (444 in total) of the total supply of Radrabbits. 😎

44 Radrabbits will be randomly distributed to stakers in vEmpire's DDAO and the remaining 400 will be owned by the Ethereum staking strategy. 👀

In addition, we will also airdrop the equivalent of 75,000 $AAA in $VEMP to 444 random Radrabbit owners!

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As Bluzelle enters the Metaverse with its first game product, Denomination, multiple prominent media portals featured the idea behind developing this NFT-based Card BattleGame.

raised_hands Read now & get ready to migrate into the virtual world, only with Bluzelle!

Investing. com : https://www.investing.com/news/cryptocurrency-news/bluzelle-enters-the-metaverse-with-denomination-an-nftbased-card-battlegame-2682654

Crypto News Flash: https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/bluzelle-enters-the-metaverse-with-denomination-an-nft-based-card-battlegame/

The Global Coverage: https://theglobalcoverage.com/2021/11/20/bluzelle-coin-price-prediction-2021-will-bluzelle-reach-1/

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Community Call Recap: Bluzelle is Entering the Metaverse!

After months of stealth work, we’re all set to enter the Metaverse with the first Bluzelle Games product, Denomination~Reclaim the Future!

Why Is It Named as Denomination?
The name Denomination represents money, domination & demon that goes along the game plot & conveys the power & thrill of the game!

Watch the complete session to learn more about such exciting concepts behind developing the Denomination!

Watch now: https://youtu.be/xVLDxGVvyCY

🌐 https://docs.bluzelle.com/developers/bluzelle-games/denomination

Bluzelle~The Past, Present & Future Of The Internet Starts With Us

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