Bluzelle brings GameFi to the #Metaverse!

The Metaverse can usher in the next 1 Billion users to #crypto. But the high gas fees and scaling issues on Ethereum delivers a poor user experience. The users that are playing games would not want that.

The solution is #Bluzelle. With 10,000 TPS speed, games assets can be traded at a cost of pennies vs Ethereum’s hundreds of dollars. This is important as transactions are a core part of games. Bluzelle has a fully decentralized storage layer that protects the hard earned NFTs that players have accumulated. A #Metaverse that cannot protect its players assets is no longer a metaverse. Bluzelle aggregates the #DeFi products in the #Cosmos ecosystem so players can lend, stake and earn yield on their game assets. Finance is a key feature for the Metaverse, and Bluzelle allows people to learn and apply crypto. To show the power of Bluzelle’s GameFi blockchain, we are also delivering our own Play To Earn game called Denomination. This will be the first product in the Bluzelle Metaverse. With our team’s experience working with Nintendo, EA, Xbox and more, this is an area we can excel

6/ Bluzelle is a #Blockchain to the Metaverse. To make Metaverse succeed it needs a) Quality Games, B) Easy integration to DeFi, and C) Web 3.0 technologies. Bluzelle has all three. Let’s Goooooooo!


A crypto Enthusiast and A trader

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