With lots of new advancement in Blockchain Technology, Many have been looking for ways to better their utility and bring up lots of inovations in Blockchain Technology, Sahara DAO is not left out.

Sahara DAO is a new synthetics protocol launching on Cronos Network with the Objective of deliver and maintain synth (Synthetic tokens) markets for the most popular Cronos tokens as well as assets not yet trading on the chain


Sahara DAO will have it governance token The Mongoose (MNG) which be used as staking rewards. MNG stakers will receive 100% of the fees generated by the protocol, every MNG deposited for the synth minting will be burned


~Total supply of 30,000,000 MNG (100%)

~ Liquidity mining — 76% (vesting rewards) — 22,800,000 MNG

~Sahara DAO — 8% (3 years vesting) — 2,400,000 MNG

~Treasury Fund — 8% (3 year vesting) — 2,400,000 MNG

~Team (Dev Fund) — 8% (2 year vesting) — 2,400,000 MNG — Covers marketing, CMs, PR, peg protection, re-collateralization, etc

The liquidity Mining will be Rewarded in $MNG, where Farmed MNG rewards have an 4-week vesting period. During the vesting period tokens count as staked tokens and earn platform fees, User must claim the accumulated MNG rewards on the farming page in order to put them into the 4-week vesting.


You can stake with a Lockup period or without a lockup Period

all fee rewards are evenly distributed during an epoch period and can be claimed at any point without any penalty or vesting.

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