Sahara DAO NFT (THE BATTLE AMONG MONGOOSE) With the most abilities has proven to be the most unique set of NFT collections on Cronos Chain with every chain Representing a person in Sahara Desert

Mongoose have jobs, politics, personal life, marriage, family, kids, etc. WHat makes the male male Mongoose unique is their ability to earn, Which is the main cause of fight among the female mongoose and the male mongoose for not being paid well as a FM and often FM will steal Newborn Mongoose unnoticed due to their hatred towards the MM and surge of mother instinct kick in

The Battle of Mongoose collection consist of 2022 units

1822 units (Male mongoose 90% of the supply)

200 units (Female mongoose 10% of the supply)

NFT Minting

The Battle Among Mongoose minting will be in two phase(Phase 0 & Phase 1)

Mint Price per Phase

Phase 0: 49.99 $USDC

Phase 1: 49.99 USD (worth $MNG)

Ready to mint your Mongoose visit

How To Earn

Action #1: Enter the Mongoose Office Notes: Risks: Accumulate About 1728 $MNG/DAY (Prorated to the second). Reward will be distributed for 3 months. (No Risk).

Action #2: PayDay (Claim)

Risks: Receive 80% of $MNG accumulated from your Male Mongoose NFT staked Female Mongoose will take a 20% Fixed Allowance on the shared $MNG in return for not attacking the Male Mongoose. Taxed $MNG is split among all the Female Mongoose currently staked in the Mongoose Office.

Action #3: Leave the Mongoose Office Notes: Risks: Male Mongoose is removed from the Mongoose Office and all $MNG is harvested. This action includes a claim. (No Risk).

Action #4: Mint a new NFT in Gen1

Notes: Risks: There is a 10% chance the new NFT mint is a Female Mongoose. 10% chance of the new Male Mongoose or Female Mongoose being stolen by a staked Female Mongoose.

NOTE: Only staked Female Mongoose are able to steal from a newly minted NFT or earn the $MNG tax

Action #1: Stake Female Mongoose Notes: Risks: Earn your share of 20% tax of all the $MNG mined by the Male Mongoose in the Mongoose Office. (No Risk).

Action #2: Claim $MNG Notes: Risks: Receive all $MNG taxes accrued for the staked Female Mongoose (No Risk).

Action #3: Unstake Female Mongoose Notes: Risks: Receive all $MNG taxes accrued for the staked Female Mongoose (No Risk).

As long as CRONOS is running, your Female Mongoose and Male Mongoose will survive. Always available and always yours. Your traits and all the pixel art reside in the contracts themselves, nowhere else

In the Battle Among Mongoose, everyone can play at their own level of risk. Pay the tax? Stay liquid on the market? Take a chance to keep all $MNG, but have a chance to lose it all? The choices and this game have to be engaging

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